Armflix is ​​a new Armenian broadcasting and media company, which allows you to watch your favorite Armenian movies, TV series, sitcoms and programs from anywhere in the world, on Android, Android TV, iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung, LG , PlayStation and XBOX operating systems and the most important point, it’s FREE. Favorite and popular projects in one place: Xabkanq, Hreshneri Gayle, Sosy Losy, Khandipen antari tnakum, HD stand up and for watching all these you need to download the Armflix app by the following link https://armflix.com/

For joining Armflix you need to subscribe, log in to your personal account and spend the evening accompanied by the most popular TV shows. The service offers a new format for online broadcasting of TV channels, which is available on computers, tablets, smartphones and other platforms through a single subscription. It also allows you to watch high quality videos. 

Have a nice watch....